He Would Have Gotten Away With it, if it Wasn't for Us Meddling Kids!

Italians don’t hunt, if you ever see two Italians go into the woods with guns, chances are one of those fuckers ain’t coming back. I am NOT a hunter. I don’t hunt. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good steak, burger, or any other kind of meat - especially on the grill. But I go to the butcher, like normal people. Walter J Palmer is a “Big Game” hunter. He’s got more registered kills than Chris Kyle, minus all the bravery. Mr. Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota who has come under fire for killing and beheading of Cecil the Lion. Cecil was a famous “sort of “ mascot and has become a tourist attraction in Zimbabwe, and the people are NOT happy at all.

Walter Palmer paid, somewhere in the ballpark, of $50,00 for the “right” to hunt there. And Mr. Palmer is also on record saying that he did not know the lion he killed was Cecil. Let the floodgates open. Palmer was bombarded with hate mail and his practice suffered for it. Now, I’m in no way picking up for the doctor, but those who allow rich ass people to hunt on their land are just as guilty, if not more that the hunter himself. They are making a profit off of the sick fucks that aren’t comfortable enough with their penis size, and I’m not trying to be sexist but the majority of these big game hunters are men, that they have to hunt and track animals for sport. What Palmer did was unfathomable. He hid in the trees and was disguised by the night, like was in the last 20 minutes of First Blood. He tracked this Lion like he was on the Navy Seal 6 team, tracking Bin Laden. And what did he received, Cecil’s head, which he mounted on his wall, as to say “Look at me Dad, I don’t need your hugs”.

Like I said, in the beginning, I am NOT a hunter. I don’t know a feeling of gettting a rush from a kill. Maybe Walter needs that in his life. Maybe after he finally kills the “game” he was tracking for so long, he puts on his Heisenberg hat and yelles out, “SAY MY NAME,” like the other famous Walter. Maybe Walter Palmer’s life is shit. Maybe his wife is cheating on him, his kids stole his soul, and the only thing that validated his manhood is to track and kill a defenseless animal. An animal whom if they knew you were coming after them would be a whole lot harder to kill. Or maybe, Walter Palmer is just an asshole with money. And if Saturday morning cartoons have taught me anything, it’s the bad guy is usually always the asshole with money.

In conclusion, ask yourselves, who is more guilty, the asshole with money, who thinks his money allows him to do whatever he pleases or is it the person who profits of that said asshole’s money? As always comments are welcome!

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